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movieIQ latest addition to BD-Live offerings

Sony is enhancing arsenal of its BD-Live features with the introduction of movieIQ, which connects viewers with a live real-time movie database powered by Gracenote.

By August 13, 2009


PlayTV, BD-Live not out of Australian starting blocks

We look at a couple of Sony's hot topics of 2008 that have yet to make an impact in 2009.

By May 20, 2009


Samsung BD-P1500 will be 'BD-Live ready,' but won't decode DTS-HD Master Audio

Samsung announced that its upcoming Blu-ray player, the BD-P1500, will be "BD-Live ready," but have backtracked on the promise that it will decode DTS-HD Master Audio.

By April 23, 2008


Sony claims BD-Live is catching on

Sony reports that the company's BD-Live servers are nearing one million visitors, indicating that BD-Live may be catching on despite criticism.

By December 5, 2008


BD-Live falls short again with 'Iron Man'

Iron Man's BD-live servers were overwhelmed last week, which only puts more attention the fact that the extra content could fit on the Blu-ray Disc, instead of forcing buyers to download it.

By October 6, 2008


Is BD-Live even necessary?

BD-Live functionality on certain Blu-ray movies makes it easy for content makers to add features after a movie is released, but it can also make it more annoying to access the content.

By October 2, 2008


Sony BDP-S350 gets BD-Live firmware update, price drop

Sony has updated the BDP-S350 to add BD-Live (Profile 2.0) compatibility, and--for a limited time, at least--lowered the price to $300.

By September 29, 2008


PS3 spreads its wings with PlayTV, BD-Live and social gaming

Sony has sold some 238,000 PS3s in Australia since its launch, and plans to keep that number ticking over with new games, community features and a TV recorder.

By May 1, 2008


PS3 firmware with BD-Live support now available

Sony releases firmware update to the PlayStation 3 right on schedule, making it the first Blu-ray player to support BD-Live.

By March 25, 2008


Sony confirms imminent BD-Live upgrade for PS3

A firmware upgrade will make the PlayStation 3 the first Blu-ray player with BD-Live (Profile 2.0) compatibility.

By March 20, 2008