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BayTSP to track piracy at YouTube, other video sites

Online file-sharing sleuth will test new fingerprinting technology at sites that focus on user-generated video.

By April 21, 2008


Grandma endures wrongful ISP piracy suspension

Qwest had suspended the service of 53-year-old painter accused by Hollywood of illegal file sharing. The problem was she didn't do it.

By February 1, 2010


Viacom hopes Google's book settlement teaches it a lesson

The two companies continue to blast away at each other in the press, with Viacom pointing to Google's settlement with book publishers and Google taking aim at Viacom's copyright tactics.

By October 28, 2008


Leaked e-mails reveal MediaDefender's antipiracy woes

Messages portray a company overwhelmed by file-swapping community and skepticism from entertainment executives. MediaDefender is wake-up call for entertainment sector

By September 20, 2007


Police blotter: Alleged eDonkey pirate gets trial

A federal judge says a man accused of sharing a Jim Carrey movie and then wiping his hard drive deserves a trial.

By January 6, 2006


New wrinkle in movie swapping

Anonymous programmers produce "RatDVD," new software that facilitates movie swaps with all the DVD extras intact.

By June 3, 2005


Me TV: Program your own prime time

Viewers are entering the realm of custom TV, finding exactly what they want to watch, whenever they want it, wherever they happen to be.

By April 11, 2005


Exeem opens new file-swapping doors

BitTorrent gains new face as developers turn it into part Kazaa, part TiVo--and a grassroots media platform.

By January 21, 2005


MPAA targets core BitTorrent, eDonkey users

Civil, criminal suits are filed against key file-swappers in the United States and Europe.

By December 14, 2004


Hollywood lawsuits to strike Net pirates

update Studios will start filing suits against individuals in two weeks. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger applauds the move.

By November 4, 2004