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Assembly bot Baxter wants to get close to you (Q&A)

Boston startup Rethink Robotics thinks its new humanoid factory worker is so low-cost and easy to set up that it could change U.S. manufacturing. Crave spoke to Rethink founder Rodney Brooks.

By September 18, 2012


Rethink Robotics' human-friendly Baxter (pictures)

Baxter is a two-armed assembly droid designed to work for small and midsize businesses. Unlike most industrial robots it doesn't require a safety zone, so people can work alongside it.

5 Images By September 18, 2012


Here come the humanoids. There go U.S. jobs

Baxter is a factory worker robot that's about to take to the floors. It's just the beginning of the robot revolution.

By November 12, 2012


Does 'ecosystem' mean gadgets are dead?

At CES 2012, CNET talks to Google's Eric Schmidt, Samsung's Tim Baxter, and other industry insiders about the "ecosystem" trend toward devices backed by content, services, and the cloud. Who wins, and who loses? It's the Next Big Thing.

By January 12, 2012


Audible cuts staff; CEO resigns

Audible, a Wayne, N.J.-based company that specializes in spoken-word audio, says it has laid off 40 percent of its work force and its chief executive officer has resigned. Audible said 35 positions out of 85 have been eliminated as part of an effort to achieve positive cash flow. Thomas Baxter will resign from his position as CEO but will remain on the board of directors and will serve as a senior adviser to Audible's management team. Founder and chairman Donald Katz will resume the CEO title, which he held from the company's inception in 1995 until late 1998, and again from late 1999 to February 2000. Robert Kramer, who is currently serving as chief technology officer, will become Audible's president. Audible, which has investments from Microsoft, recently unveiled an add-on module for listening to books and other media. Audible offers audio book titles for download, covering nonfiction, education, comedy, language learning and audio editions of print newspapers and magazines.

July 25, 2001


Diet Coke putting TV series on site

Diet Coke will launch a new Web site this week, replete with a 13-episode miniseries loosely based on popular reality TV shows such as "Survivor" and "Temptation Island." The lead character of the broadband saga--dubbed "What's Your 20?"--is Mary Burton, a 20-something production assistant at a Los Angeles movie studio. A crew will record the exploits of the Suffolk, Va., native as she works on a set in Montana. The show is supposed to embody "the modern sexiness and confident attitude of people who choose Diet Coke as their favorite beverage," Brand Manager Kristi Baxter said. In addition to touting the one-calorie soda, the third most popular soft drink in the United States after Coke and Pepsi, the site will feature promotions with Sony, Rollingstone.com, VH1 and Blockbuster, including chances to win tickets to advance screenings of Hollywood films.

March 7, 2001


Short Take: Qwest completes Icon CMT deal

Telecommunications carrier Qwest Communications International has completed its $185 million acquisition of Internet services company Icon CMT. Qwest, which is building a new 18,000 mile packet-switched fiber optic network, bought Icon to bolster its data services offerings. Icon chief executive Scott Baxter will serve as president of Qwest's Internet Solutions business unit.

January 4, 1999


Short Take: Trintech gets $20 million investment

Electronic payments firm Trintech has received $20 million in new financing. Investors from the financial community include BancAmerica Robertson Stephens, BT Alex Brown, Hambrecht & Quist, HarbourVest International, Loewenthal Capital, Bayview Investors, and Pilgrim, Baxter, & Associates. Industry investors include Security Dynamics, SCM Microsystems, and RSA Data Security CEO Jim Bidzos. Trintech also acquired from RSA a software toolkit called S/Pay, which creates security payment software.

August 27, 1998