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PlayStation Network, Battle.net go down under DDoS

Hackers have taken down the PlayStation Network, Blizzard's Battle.net, and others, as well as grounding a flight carrying the president of Sony Online Entertainment.

By August 24, 2014


Battle.net hacked, Blizzard says change your password

World of Warcraft-mongers Blizzard have been hacked, with email accounts compromised.

By August 10, 2012


E-mail lists, encrypted passwords stolen in Battle.net hack

The company behind games such as World of Warcraft and Diablo tells customers it believes no financial information was accessed but suggests users change their passwords immediately.

By August 9, 2012


Bored by the Net neutrality debate? Check it as a rap battle

For Americans (and other Internet denizens) whose eyes glaze over when Net neutrality comes up, these Australian chaps have translated the debate into hip-hop for easier consumption.

By May 26, 2014


Blizzard's Battle.net to integrate with Facebook

Blizzard Entertainment announces that it will soon integrate Battle.net accounts with Facebook to facilitate players' social-gaming experience.

By May 5, 2010


StarCraft II slides to 2010 on Battle.net concerns

Blizzard announces that StarCraft II has been pushed back to 2010

By August 5, 2009


World of Warcraft opens in-game shop

You can now buy pets and mounts with real money in-game as well as through the external webstore on Battle.net.

By December 12, 2013


Net neutrality battle returns to the U.S. Senate

In light of FCC inquiry into Comcast's throttling of BitTorrent traffic, Democrats revive calls for new Net neutrality laws. Republicans and cable industry remain skeptical.

By April 22, 2008


McNealy on the real battle: Java vs. .Net

In an exclusive Face to Face interview with ZDNet's Dan Farber and News.com's Michael Kanellos, Scott McNealy says Sun is doubling down on Solaris and embracing Linux, but the real battle is the Java vs. Net fight for the hearts and minds of developers.

November 1, 2007


Massive Blizzard security breach: change your password

Blizzard has notified Battle.net customers that an internal security breach has compromised user log-in details.

By August 9, 2012