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Microsoft's OneDrive to take on Google Drive and Dropbox

What does the OneDrive cloud service have going for it? Why, Microsoft's four-decade legacy and the reputation that goes with it, of course.

By February 19, 2014


The 404 1,282: Where the water is rising (podcast)

Aunt Jill is back from her sojourn to Italy where she went off the grid, only to return to a battalion of Internet trolls on her LinkedIn. We'll shield her from harm, and she'll return the favor by answering a few of your finance questions.

By June 5, 2013


Samsung defeat a 'back to the drawing board' moment

CNET surveys how Samsung can recover from the verdict. Hint: Radical new designs are in order.

By August 24, 2012


At Pendleton, teaching Marines calm in the chaos of combat

With the Infantry Immersion Trainer, the Marines have a system designed to prepare troops for what urban conflict is like. CNET Road Trip embedded -- and got shot.

By July 16, 2012


Is Spec Ops: The Line an oasis in the desert?

There are plenty of military shooters flooding the gaming market, so does Spec Ops: The Line do enough to separate itself from the rest of the pack?

By July 2, 2012


What to expect from Microsoft at E3 2012

The Xbox maker hopes Halo 4 can add some life to its 7-year-old console.

By May 30, 2012


Halo 4 tops big 2012 for Xbox

For years, Halo games have kept millions of passionate fans glued to their Xboxes. This year, 343 Industries gets its shot at Master Chief. It may be a big year for the Xbox.

By March 5, 2012


Nintendo 3DS gets free airport Wi-Fi

The Japanese gaming company continues to improve its battalion of free Wi-Fi locations for the 3DS.

By December 9, 2011


Military green investments could hit $10B by 2030

Defense Department policy shifts toward using more clean energy in order to increase national security and save money, which could have far-reaching effects, according to Pew.

By September 22, 2011


The guns of D-Day remain powerful

Road Trip 2011: Omaha and Utah Beaches may be the most famous, but France's Normandy region is full of crucial World War II-era battlegrounds, batteries, and sites essential to the liberation of Europe from Nazi Germany.

By June 28, 2011