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Basting pot protects sauce and hands

When grilling, basting is a must. But it always seems to turn into a mess, resulting in sticky hands if you're lucky and a few burns if you aren't. The Basting Pot and Brush can save you from both.

By Jul. 4, 2008


Some saucy grilling

Good grilling requires great sauce, and the Sauce Pot with Brush can help you apply it.

By Jun. 1, 2010


T-Fal Curved Grill gets saucy in the middle

The T-Fal Balanced Living GC420852 Curved Grill features unique styling that includes a special flavor compartment.

By Sep. 14, 2012


Crate and Barrel gets saucy

Sauce pot by Crate and Barrel uses a lid with integrated brush to keep your grilling area clean

By Apr. 30, 2009


CNET UK Podcast 184: Nigella tells us about her iPhone app

This week we interview Nigella Lawson about her new iPhone app, discuss the tricky issues around Gizmodogate, and hear how Gordo, Dave and Nick answered questions on YouTube

By Apr. 30, 2010


Prep bowls in flexible slicone and fun colors

These silicone prep bowls can save you a few steps--and some dirty dishes--in the kitchen.

By Oct. 8, 2008


A new spin on cooking

The simple addition of a turntable makes this innovative design the logical next step in oven technology.

By Aug. 14, 2008


Brookstone Grill Alert talking remote thermometer

If you plan on doing a lot of barbecuing and don't want to be chained to the grill, this Brookstone thermometer will free you up and let you socialize with the guests.

Jun. 29, 2004

4 stars Editors' rating Jun. 29, 2004

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