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The Master of Rampling Gate by Anne Rice

IMPORTANT NOTES: 1) This application is optimized to run on iPhone OS 3.2 and may crash running on iOS4. An update with full iOS4 compatibility...

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E-books, has your time come?

Seemingly moribund market gets fresh ink. But analysts remain cautious.

By April 5, 2006


Amazon patent thinks pink

Gifts such as dolls should be wrapped in pastel paper. Whether obvious or not, the company now holds the patent on the idea.

By March 9, 2005


Cendant sues Amazon over book recommendations

Cendant files suit, alleging that the online giant infringed its patent for offering product recommendations to customers.

By November 4, 2004


Sun's Schwartz guns for patent glories

As the tech industry focuses in on patents, Sun files a claim over a per-employee pricing plan, News.com has learned.

By September 30, 2004


Patent company sues Amazon

Pinpoint, a company that says it holds several e-commerce patents, sues Amazon.com for allegedly violating its business-method patents.

July 18, 2003


eBay patent case moves closer to trial

The online auction company's attempt to throw out claims made in disputed patents has been rejected by the judge. The case is now set for trial in the spring.

October 25, 2002


Are patent methods patently absurd?

The head of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office says many business method patents have been wrongfully awarded in the past, but he predicts a more careful approach in the future.

By October 15, 2002


IBM flushes restroom patent

The company has quietly eliminated a patent it received on a method for determining who gets to use the bathroom next.

October 11, 2002


Amazon seeks patent for payment system

The online giant looks to patent its "Honor System" payment program. Yet Amazon has been under fire for its patent grab strategy before.

September 23, 2002


Patent suit could sting eBay

A loss in a legal tussle over patents could force the Net success story to hand over millions of dollars in royalties--and even change its auction format.

September 5, 2002