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Two free ways to encrypt Google Drive files

Encrypt text documents before you upload them to Google Drive via Fogpad, or encrypt and transfer all your Google Drive files to the Tresorit cloud-storage service.

By July 2, 2013


Apple keeps your recorded Siri questions on file for two years

Apple stores recordings of everything you tell its robot butler Siri for two years, the Californian company has revealed.

By April 19, 2013


WikiLeaks starts publishing two million 'Syria Files' emails

The whistle-blowing group is to publish more than two million emails that will "embarrass" Syria, but also Western nations that are dealing with the oppressive Assad regime.

By July 5, 2012


This Day in Tech: Patent turns into a first-to-file system; two directors leave Twitter

Too busy to keep up with the tech news? Here are some of the more interesting stories from CNET News for Friday, September 16.

By September 16, 2011


'Censorship creep': Pirate Bay block will affect one-third of U.K.

Nearly 10 years ago, "Cleanfeed" was designed to protect the British public from child abuse imagery. A decade later, the same system is used to enforce ISP blocks on sites like The Pirate Bay. How did the U.K. fall into "censorship creep"?

By June 16, 2012


Add titles to your Google Books bookshelf in a snap with your Android phone

Adding your books to your virtual bookshelf can be a cumbersome task. Learn how to easily scan a list of books and add them in just a few quick steps.

By May 27, 2011


Microsoft files 2nd suit against Motorola in weeks

Microsoft is going after Motorola again, this time over what it says has been Motorola's failure to honor reasonable royalty rates on its patent licensing.

By November 9, 2010


Apple updates Mail Services (1.0), Xsan (2.2.1) File System Update

Apple has released a pair of updates for server and storage users, Mail Services 1.0 for Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server and Xsan 2.2.1 File System Update.

By December 18, 2009


ScanLife 2D Barcode reader comes to iPhone

ScanLife allows for immediate connection to a Web page without having to remember its URL on the iPhone.

By August 13, 2008


Senator: Let's monitor P2P for illegal files

Democrat Joe Biden at Capitol Hill hearing urges more police to be trained in software developed by agent specializing in searching for child pornography.

By April 16, 2008