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Facebook nixes click-bait headlines in users' newsfeeds

Likely bringing a collective sigh of relief, the social network announces it's changing its algorithm to ensure click-bait articles aren't so prominently featured.

By August 25, 2014


Facebook squashes marketers' 'like'-bait in News Feed update

Say goodbye to spammy stories in your News Feed -- or at least the social network's definition of spammy stories. Marketers may beg to differ.

By April 10, 2014


Facebook baits Android devs with better sharing, tracking

In return for giving Android developers improved tools, the social network should benefit from more sharing -- and more ad buys.

By August 20, 2013


Amazon's new Appstore feature could be patent suit bait

Amazon's new in-app purchase feature in its mobile-application store has made developers on Apple's and Google's platforms targets before, and it could happen again here.

By April 11, 2012


Samsung's Super Bowl ad: Farrelly brother, Apple-baiting?

In a series of tweets, Samsung teases a major Super Bowl spot, directed by Bobby Farrelly. Is this the launch of the Galaxy Note?

By January 30, 2012


Nokia baits developers with free Windows Phones

Now that Nokia and Microsoft have tied the knot, the next trip is to energize Nokia's base of Symbian developers.

By February 18, 2011


Sony brings iTunes baiting video-on-demand service to Britain

Sony looks to challenge Apple with a new movie and music downloading service, which offers an alternative to iTunes that will rely on the popularity of the Playstation 3 and Blu-ray players to be successful.

By September 2, 2010


Microsoft launches Apple-baiting PC vs. Mac site

In an apparent attempt to reverse the effects of Apple's long-running Mac versus PC campaign, Microsoft launches a site that suggests among other things that PCs are more fun.

By August 10, 2010


Bait and switch: Online electronics stores caught in fraud

Seven Brooklyn-based electronics retailers operating more than 40 Web sites are fined for fraudulent practices, including bait-and-switch tactics.

By June 29, 2009


Phishing with swine flu as bait

Experts say beware the e-mails from strangers that reference swine flu and could contain links to malicious sites or harbor data stealing code in attachments.

By April 28, 2009