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Half-Life creator wins BAFTA Fellowship, says thanks to UK

Valve's CEO Gabe Newell will be honoured at the ceremony on 5 March, joining gaming greats Peter Molyneux and Shigeru Miyamoto.

By February 25, 2013


'Sims' creator Will Wright named BAFTA fellow

By adding the video game icon to its rolls, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts is acknowledging that the medium is an art form.

By October 15, 2007


Rose Leslie: Interview

We sat down with Ygritte from Game of Thrones to talk about the books, the 'sexposition' and whether a man with a stick is a good substitute for a giant.

By February 19, 2014


The next 'Downton'? Netflix grabs hit British show 'Happy Valley'

Amazon may have exclusive dibs on "Downton Abbey," but Netflix grabs this year's break-out UK drama.

By August 8, 2014


The Room Two arrives for iPad

The sequel to 2012's iOS game of the year has finally arrived on iPad, with iPhone and Android versions to follow at a later date.

By December 11, 2013


Notch doesn't make Minecraft anymore

Commentary: You need to understand a child's innocent passion for Minecraft to know why today's news had such a deep impact across the globe.

By September 15, 2014


New Star Soccer update brings headers, swerve kicks and more

Female players and the ability to retire are more new additions to the popular footie-app.

By October 18, 2013


Zuckerberg to headline phone show Mobile World Congress

Mark Zuckerberg likes this: the Facebook founder will deliver the keynote speech at phone-focused industry extravaganza in February.

By January 16, 2014


Steam Box prototypes ready in 'months', Gabe Newell says

The upcoming console from Valve still has kinks to iron out, the newly BAFTA'd Half-Life creator says.

By March 6, 2013


Steam Box prototypes out in '3 to 4 months'

Gabe Newell has revealed that the Steam Box is just around the corner and hinted that Valve may be working on biometric controllers.

By March 5, 2013