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Fund this? An expandable storage backpack for your Android phone

Don't want a card reader sticking out from the bottom of your handset? This one rides piggyback.

By Feb. 27, 2014


Get a Powerbag backpack for $48.97

This student-friendly bag can recharge mobile devices on the run thanks to its built-in battery and connectors.

By Jul. 10, 2013


Superhero backpack saves the day for back to school

Two moms have designed a pack that will help young students (and their imaginations) take flight.

By Aug. 26, 2013


Intel stuffs its backpack with high-tech textbooks in Kno deal

Bolstering its mission to expand technology in the classroom, the chipmaker acquires educational-software company Kno.

By Nov. 9, 2013


Tylt Energi backpack charges gadgets on the go

Power up to three gadgets at the same time with this piece of luggage.

By Jan. 9, 2013


Street View backpack cams take on winter in Canada's Iqaluit

Trekker cameras go for a freezing stroll in the capital of Nunavut, home to igloos and polar bears.

By Mar. 21, 2013


Crave giveaway: Booq Cobra pack laptop backpack

Are you a gearhead on the go? This week's prize lets you tote all your gadgets in one handy, well-protected bag.

By Sep. 21, 2012


Mobile Edge ScanFast Backpack - notebook carrying backpack

The Mobile Edge ScanFast Backpack provides everything you'd need to comfortably carry your 17-inch laptop and travel accessories, with the added benefit of a butterfly zipper that may help you speed through airport security checks.

By Oct. 2, 2008

3.5 stars Editor's rating Oct. 2, 2008

Google's new high-tech mapping backpack (pictures)

Google's mapped the world with bikes, cars, and airplanes, but the company wants to get a little more micro with a backpack that records Street View imagery.

21 Images By Jun. 6, 2012


Brenthaven MetroLite Backpack

With just enough room for a 15.4-inch laptop and a handful of accessories, the slender MetroLite Backpack may be the perfect bag for commuters.

By Nov. 24, 2008

4 stars Editor's rating Nov. 24, 2008