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All Xbox 360 titles coming to Xbox One backward compatibility on November 12

Microsoft finally announced the first 104 games that will drop for free using the Xbox One backward-compatibility feature, set to launch this week.

By November 9, 2015


Use Google to flip a coin or roll dice

Google's search tool has two new tricks up its sleeve.

By November 18, 2014


Tardis Run board game is bigger on the inside

A 3D-printed Tardis opens up to reveal a board game based on backgammon, Parcheesi and an ancient Egyptian game called Senet.

By August 21, 2014


'That one time I founded the Roman Empire,' and other selfie gems

Photographer Mike Mellia snaps a series of hilarious, absurd, selfie-style shots as a comment on rampant self-portraiture in the age of social media.

By July 25, 2014


Behold the $30,000 high-tech Scrabble board

This RFID-equipped Scrabble board costs 10 times more than a good hit on a triple-word score.

By November 16, 2012


iPhone: The board gamer's paradise

For a board game geek, the iPhone and iPod Touch are fast becoming the best ways to shrink down a lot of cardboard and plastic pieces.

By November 13, 2009




By July 27, 2009


Mytopia: Yet another casual-gaming start-up goes live

Social network lets players on MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, and others square off against one another in Sudoku, backgammon, chess, and other classic games.

By March 24, 2008


The first Web 2.0 soccer club in the world

After attempts to crowdsource the purchase of a soccer club, it was obviously just a matter of time until the concept of crowdsourcing would be applied to the actual game.

By October 27, 2007


Week in review: Chasing iPhone

Apple turns in monster quarter, thanks to iPhone and iPod; Microsoft posts strong earnings, scores Facebook victory. Also: Saving muni Wi-Fi.

By October 26, 2007