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MSI fits new Nvidia graphics in a smaller laptop

The MSI GE60 is a powerful gaming rig, but fortunately not a backbreaker.

March 21, 2014


MSI GE60 Apache Pro-003

The MSI GE60 combines one of Nvidia's new 800-series GPUs and other high-end components, in a gaming rig that's not the desk-hogging backbreaker some others are.

By March 20, 2014

4 stars Editors' rating March 20, 2014

Great smartphone games to get ready for 'the big game'

In gearing up for the big game this Sunday, I've put together a collection of football games for both iOS and Android.

By January 29, 2014


Can Backbreaker teach Madden any new tricks?

A newcomer to the video game gridiron has arrived with some new wrinkles to throw back at Madden. Are any of them worth taking note of? We give Backbreaker a try to find out.

By June 3, 2010


Arcade football games for iOS

As we get settled into another NFL football season, I've put together a collection of games that puts you right in the action, playing as a runner, a kicker, or as the quarterback.

By September 14, 2012


Nvidia Tegra 2: A new form of Android fragmentation?

With these new dual-core platforms hitting the market, game developers are beginning to optimize their titles around specific hardware such as the Nvidia Tegra 2. Is this good or bad for Android?

By March 1, 2011


Apple reveals top apps of all time

As Apple gets closer to tallying its 10 billionth app download, the company reveals the top apps of all time. And no, Angry Birds does not top that list.

By January 19, 2011


EA, Take-Two lift Nvidia physics to next level

Game companies are licensing the graphics chipmaker's PhysX engine technology, which is designed to make game objects respond in a realistic way to physical events.

By December 8, 2008


New anthrax worm is a dud

A computer worm attempts to ride on the coattails of the anthrax scare, but multiple author errors stymie its spread.

By October 16, 2001