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Give Apple a solid 'B' to 'B+' at WWDC 2013

The company set out to prove that it still has enough technological mojo to keep Samsung et al at bay -- and it proved the point even in the absence of a smash announcement.

By June 10, 2013


B.O.B. and Big Boi talk Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel.

Rappers Big Boi and B.O.B. dropped by The 404 studio to tell us about their involvement with EA's Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel.

By March 20, 2013


Microsoft may invest $1B-$3B in Dell buyout -- CNBC

The network's David Faber, citing sources, says the Redmond, Wash., software giant is in talks with Silver Lake to help take Dell private.

By January 22, 2013


B2B branding: Does it work?

Does it make sense for B2B companies to take a cue from consumer companies and invest in brand awareness?

By November 28, 2007


B2B software maker revamps e-commerce network

Updates to Global Exchange's system include technology geared to work with RFID tools.

By September 28, 2004


China banks on B2B exchange

The country is building an online procurement exchange called e-Hub to support its $80 billion electronics industry.

April 2, 2004


Global Exchange fuses with Haht in B2B buy

The business-to-business e-commerce software maker says it will pick up data synchronization specialist Haht Commerce in a $30 million deal.

By January 15, 2004


First Borders, then Best Buy. Now Amazon's gunning for Safeway

After five years of tinkering with a grocery delivery service in Seattle, Amazon is reportedly set to roll it out in California and elsewhere. Here's why the business, with its razor-thin margins, appeals to the company.

By June 9, 2013