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Declassified: Air Force plans for a flying saucer

This mysterious saucer from the 1950s was meant to fly at speeds of up to Mach 4. Most mysteriously, it was designed by... Canadians.

By October 6, 2012


A viewing deck built right into your private jet

Now, all that's missing are cocktails with little umbrellas in them, George Clooney for company, blue skies, and about several million dollars in crisp U.S. greenbacks for the ultimate in luxury travel.

By May 12, 2010


Farnborough: Where aviation struts and cuts deals

At long-running air show, aircraft makers strut their stuff while customers spend $47 billion. On display: Airbus' A380 and A400M, unmanned aircraft, and more.

By July 26, 2010