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Avega Oyster Wireless Network Speakers

At CES 2006, we take a look Avega's new 5.1 speaker system.

May 21, 2008


Wi-Fi hi-fi: Avega Systems Oyster 802.11 Networked Speakers

Wi-Fi hi-fi: Avega Systems Oyster 802.11 Networked Speakers

By January 4, 2006


Neosonik ditches the wires on surround sound audio

Neosonik's wireless audio technology allows for a full 5.1 surround-sound setup without running a single speaker wire.

By January 8, 2008

Editors' Take

Avega Systems Oyster 802.11 Networked Speakers

The Avega Systems Oyster 802.11 Networked Speakers was first announced at CES 2006 in early January. Check out CNET editors' early impressions of this product.

By January 10, 2006

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At CES, watch out for wireless high-def TV

Wireless HD to try to move ahead in wireless consumer electronics devices, says backer.

By August 6, 2007


Wireless Oyster breaks out of shell

Avega finally makes good on Wi-Fi speaker system

By January 17, 2007


Samsung to come out with wireless plasma TV

blog The plasma television will be able to swap data with set-top boxes and PCs without cables.

By January 7, 2007


Neosonik home theater delivers wireless audio and video

Start-up Neosonik is demonstrating a prototype home theater system with completely wireless audio and video.

By January 9, 2007


Wireless home theater in the wings

Neosonik claims first fully digital system of its kind

By December 27, 2006


The campaign to liberate speakers

Wireless systems called 'the holy grail'

By December 15, 2006