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Fable Legends officially shuts down, refunds available

Lionhead switches off the RPG's servers for good after the studio is shuttered by Microsoft. The game aimed to live for 10 years but never made it out of beta.

By April 13, 2016


Geohot proclaims Comma.ai's self-driving tech will be available by the end of the year

The self-proclaimed Tesla competitor claims that his company's self-driving retrofit kit will be available to purchase for under $1,000, as well.

By April 12, 2016


Like a Tesla Model 3, Kanye West's latest album is now available for the masses

The Life of Pablo was originally a Tidal exclusive, but now the album has landed on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Music.

By April 4, 2016


Ford creates mountains when none are available

To help simulate towing scenarios over mountainous terrain, Ford bought a heavy-duty towing dynamometer so its trucks can undergo testing on level ground.

By March 31, 2016


LG G5 available April 1 for U.S. Cellular, presale begins March 28

At a total price of $636 without a two-year contract, the G5 costs more than its predecessor last year.

By March 18, 2016


Another pair of AR glasses hits pre-orders: Meta 2 promises wider views than HoloLens

Meta 2's dev kit costs $949, and will ship in the third quarter of this year.

By March 2, 2016


Audi's Q2 taunts US with design, tech, lack of availability (pictures)

Choices abound in Audi's latest crossover, from technology to powertrains to everything in between.

46 Images By March 1, 2016


Microsoft's HoloLens is now available for preorder

The augmented reality headset will ship to developers starting March 30.

By February 29, 2016


360-degree VR treadmill is finally available

We take another run in virtual reality

By February 12, 2016


OnePlus X, the hottest phone you've never heard of, now widely available

For months, you've needed an invite to buy this low-priced Android device. That changes today.

By January 28, 2016