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Spotify, Apple Music, Rdio and Rhapsody: Which music streaming app is right for you?

With so many ways to stream an endless amount of music, it can be hard to pick the right option. In this guide, we examine the top music streaming options, spotlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each.

By April 23, 2015


Google Play Music tunes up in UK, is cheaper than iTunes

Google's Play Music service is on stage and launching into its first number. You can now finally buy new tunes -- and they're pretty cheap.

By November 13, 2012


Genius makes iTunes 8 a worthy upgrade

The Genius feature of iTunes 8 does a remarkably good job of building comprehensive playlists from a single song.

By September 11, 2008


Microsoft unveils Windows Media 9

The software goliath reveals its long-awaited digital media software in an effort to establish dominance for its operating system in distributing high-quality digital content.

By September 4, 2002


Microsoft's media player beat goes on

The software maker is setting itself up as a one-man band for subscriptions and services based on its Windows Media technology as part of a highly anticipated upgrade due next month.

August 6, 2002