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Premium text messages prompt complaints, lawsuits

Cell phone customers are discovering mystery charges on their monthly bills for premium text services they didn't order, including CNET's Elinor Mills.

By March 29, 2011


Malware found lurking in apps for Windows Mobile

Malware hidden in a few Windows Mobile apps secretly makes expensive phone calls as part of auto-dialer scam.

By June 4, 2010


FAQ: How to vanquish mobile spam

Here's what the major wireless carriers say you should do when you get that pesky text spam.

By July 7, 2009


'SMiShing' fishes for personal data over cell phone

Mobile phone users are subject to the same types of phishing lures that they get through their e-mail, Sprint warns as 'SMiShing' attack makes the rounds.

By February 24, 2009