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Google's cash for questions app comes to Australia, Canada, UK

The Google Opinion Rewards survey app is now available for Australian, British and Canadian folk to earn money towards Android apps and games.

By Apr. 4, 2014


Australia watchdogs to Apple: Give us two-year warranties

The agreement between Apple and Australian watchdogs falls in line with the country's Australian Consumer Law.

By Dec. 18, 2013


Smart calendar Tempo launches in Australia and New Zealand

The iOS calendar app makes its first foray outside of North America and aims to be in even more countries by the end of this year.

By Jul. 30, 2013


Another day, another game banned in Australia

Yesterday, Saints Row IV became the first game hit by the R18+ laws, the Classification Board follows up by giving the same treatment to State of Decay.

By Jun. 26, 2013


iPhone 5 launches in Australia

As doors open at Apple stores and other retailers around the globe, lucky customers in Sydney, Australia are among the first to get the new iPhone in their hands.

Sep. 20, 2012


Mayan apocalypse fails, according to Australia

Sorry to disappoint you, but it appears the world is still spinning even though Australia and New Zealand are already well into December 21.

By Dec. 20, 2012


Saints Row 4 banned from Australia over 'sexual violence'

The Australian Government's Classification Board, which determines ratings on video games and decides if they can be sold in the country, lays down the ruling.

By Jun. 25, 2013


Google wins landmark AdWords case in Australia

High Court overturns lower court's ruling that found the Web giant in violation of trade laws for allowing companies to purchase AdWords related to competitors' names.

By Feb. 5, 2013


Huawei to Australia: Give us a break

The company gripes to the Australian parliamentary intelligence committee that it was banned from the national broadband network project without being told why.

By Sep. 14, 2012


Apple, Adobe, Microsoft try to justify higher prices in Australia

Appearing before an Australian committee, executives from the three companies struggle to explain why Australian consumers are socked with higher prices for digital content.

By Mar. 22, 2013