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AusCERT2015 14th Annual AusCERT Cyber Security Conference

The AusCERT Conference is the largest and oldest cyber security conference in Australia. The conference is a great opportunity to discuss IT...


IBM: We distributed malware-ridden USB drives

Company apologizes after visitors to the IBM booth at the AusCERT security conference get more than they bargained for with the freebies handed out.

By May 21, 2010


Microsoft to give governments patch previews

Pilot program will provide an early look at technical details of OS patches to governments and critical infrastructure providers ahead of Patch Tuesday releases.

By May 19, 2010


Kaspersky impressed by botnet slickness

Cybercrime fighter Eugene Kaspersky can't help but be impressed by the slick operations behind the Conficker botnet, and says it could have been worse had the botnet been after more than just money.

By May 21, 2009


HP ships USB sticks with malware

Hewlett-Packard has released a batch of USB keys for numerous Proliant server models which contain malware that could allow an attacker to take over an infected system. (From ZDNet Australia)

By April 9, 2008


Expert: IT industry has failed in desktop security

Software shipped with the major operating systems runs unencumbered on most machines--and not all of that software should be trusted, he says.

By May 21, 2007


First mobile phone virus nears 2nd birthday

The first real mobile phone virus, which was found in the wild and could replicate on its own, was discovered almost two years ago.

By May 30, 2006


Microsoft may restrict its workers' PC rights

It's considering cutting admin rights on internal desktops, meaning employees wouldn't be able to install just anything.

By May 23, 2006


Experts: Zombies ousting viruses

Attackers are drafting bot armies of up to 10,000 machines rather than creating global epidemics like Blaster, security experts say.

By May 25, 2005


Microsoft: SP2 makes Windows 15 times safer

A Redmond security guru also says spyware could be responsible for up to one-third of all Windows crashes.

By May 24, 2005


Microsoft security guru: Jot down your passwords

Jesper Johansson says the security industry has been giving out the wrong advice on passwords for 20 years.

By May 23, 2005