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Word Lens augmented reality iPhone translation app is a Christmas miracle

It's a time for Christmas miracles, and we do love a bit of technology indistinguishable from magic. That's what we thought when we clapped our eyes on translation app Word Lens.

By December 17, 2010


eBay app meets augmented reality

Google lets you manage multiple accounts with one Gmail account, a computer named Watson is going to compete on Jeopardy, and a new augmented-reality app lets you see what's for sale on eBay in your vicinity.

By December 15, 2010


Kinect's ad potential could be in augmented reality

Kinect's motion tracking prowess can be seen in its initial batch of games, but how will Microsoft use it in advertising?

By November 15, 2010


CNET TV Apple Byte: Lasertag augmented reality on iPhone

CNET TV's Brian Tong takes a look at the latest in Apple news, rumors, tips, and tricks.

By November 8, 2010


Star Wars augmented reality game makes the Kessel run to our hearts in less than twelve parsecs

THQ Wireless is working on an iPhone game that will see players manning the guns of the Millennium Falcon. The game uses the iPhone's camera and internal sensors to put your surroundings in the game.

By November 8, 2010


Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner: TIE Fighter combat meets augmented reality

This could prove to be one of the coolest "Star Wars" games ever--or one of the kookiest. We'll find out when it arrives in the App Store later this month.

By November 3, 2010


Augmented reality comes to mobile phones

It's been used for years in video gaming and for military applications, but now, thanks to advances in chips and wireless, AR appears destined for the mobile market.

By September 29, 2010


Step into the virtual changing room, with augmented reality

The virtual changing room is here, letting you try on clothes in high definition using augmented-reality technology. It even asks your friends' advice via the Web

By June 9, 2010


Augmented reality edges closer to mainstream

New crop of entrepreneurs finds new uses for the concept of augmented reality through video glasses and iPhone apps that may let users feed virtual dragons.

By June 3, 2010


Wikitude Drive for Android brings augmented reality to navigation

Mobilizy, maker of the Wikitude augmented-reality apps for the iPhone, and Android and Nokia phones, has announced Wikitude Drive, possibly the first augmented reality turn-by-turn navigation app for Android phones.

By May 20, 2010