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Appeals court overturns conviction of AT&T hacker 'Weev'

A federal appeals court rules that Andrew "Weev" Auernheimer was tried in the wrong state and overturns his conviction under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

By Apr. 11, 2014


AT&T iPad hacker appeals conviction

Andrew "Weev" Auernheimer argues that accessing a non-password protected portion of AT&T's Web site did not violate the law because the information was freely available on the Internet.

By Jul. 2, 2013


Hacker found guilty of massive AT&T-iPad site breach

Jury convicts Andrew Auernheimer of unauthorized access and identity theft in connection with the theft of data belonging to more than 100,000 iPad users on the carrier's 3G network.

By Nov. 20, 2012


AT&T 'hacker' and Internet troll sentenced to over three years

Andrew Auernheimer, professional Internet troll, is a uniquely unsympathetic defendant. But even his detractors are protesting a 41-month prison sentence that a federal judge levied today.

By Mar. 18, 2013


Two charged in AT&T-iPad data breach

Members of hacker group who claimed responsibility for AT&T-iPad Web site breach are charged with conspiracy to access a computer without authorization and fraud.

By Jan. 18, 2011


Hacker of Apple iPad-AT&T site reportedly in plea talks

Judge puts Andrew Auernheimer's case on hold, saying plea talks are under way in hacking case.

By Jul. 28, 2011


AT&T-iPad site hacker to fight on in court (exclusive)

Hacker says he won't cop a plea and that he did not profit from disclosing the AT&T security hole, despite what damning chat logs show.

By Sep. 12, 2011


Hacker offers advice to prosecutor in AT&T-iPad case

Member of the hacker group being investigated for a data leak at AT&T's iPad site sends bizarre e-mail to assistant U.S. attorney.

By Nov. 17, 2010


Hacker defends going public with AT&T's iPad data breach (Q&A)

Member of group behind the AT&T iPad-related breach of user data says they acted in the public interest.

By Jun. 10, 2010


AT&T hacker released on bail after drug arrest

Source says group targeted AT&T because the carrier announced plans to end its unlimited smartphone data plan.

By Jun. 17, 2010