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Adobe to buy video-ad manager Auditude

Plan is to take Auditude's ad server and integrate it with Adobe's digital marketing tools.

By November 1, 2011


Another $10.5 million for Auditude's video ads

The ad-serving technology, which counts former Facebook exec Owen Van Natta among its board of directors, specializes in technology that can detect a client's content among user-uploaded videos, then serve ads on it.

By March 10, 2009


Viacom, Google air dirty laundry in court docs

Viacom wanted to buy YouTube. Viacom says YouTube founders always intended to build video version of Napster and looked for ways "to avoid the copyright bastards."

By March 18, 2010


New video ad deal for MySpace, MTV Networks

Auditude, a video ad technology company, will be bringing its targeting technology to News Corp.'s MySpace portal for Viacom's MTV Networks content. Talk about a lot of big-media dealmaking.

By November 2, 2008


Feature films coming to YouTube

YouTube will begin offering feature films produced by at least one of the biggest Hollywood movie studios possibly as early as next month, a studio exec tells CNET.

By November 6, 2008


Buzz Out Loud 844: Number one in space junk, USA!

First if you're a U.S. citizen, then go vote on Tuesday. Second, feel the pride of what we suspect to be our country's lead in space junk. We also cover the new Nehalem processor details and uncover a few more details about Windows 7.

By November 3, 2008


Could peace be near for YouTube and Hollywood?

Hard as it may be to believe, sources say Google's YouTube and its entertainment critics may be finding ways to bury the hatchet.

By July 23, 2008