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Audiovox Car Connection

The Audiovox Car Connection's main benefit is letting parents keep track of their children's driving behavior for a relatively low per-month price.

By Aug. 13, 2013

3.5 stars Editor's rating Aug. 13, 2013

Audiovox Xpress

If you can spend the extra money for a professional installation, the Audiovox XpressR offers one of the best-looking, fully loaded XM radio receivers on the market.

By Jul. 23, 2007

3 stars Editor's rating Jul. 23, 2007

MSRP: $69.95


Audiovox to buy Klipsch

Klipsch, America's oldest speaker manufacturer, is about to be acquired by Audiovox. Is that good or bad news?

By Jan. 23, 2011


Audiovox D2016

A big screen and some nice multimedia and connectivity extras help distinguish the otherwise middle-of-the-road Audiovox D2016 from the portable DVD player pack.

By Sep. 19, 2006

3 stars Editor's rating Sep. 19, 2006

MSRP: $299.95


Audiovox ACA250 wireless rearview camera

The Audiovox ACA250 wireless rearview camera provides an easy way to increase the safety of your vehicle while backing up, if you can deal with the wireless technology's rough edges.

By Feb. 19, 2009

3 stars Editor's rating Feb. 19, 2009

Audiovox D2011

Its looks and battery life are about average, but the affordable Audiovox D2011 boasts a big 10-inch screen that delivers a decent picture.

By Jun. 28, 2006

3 stars Editor's rating Jun. 28, 2006

MSRP: $299.95


Audiovox D8000XP - DVD player

Some annoying design and feature shortfalls keep the Audiovox D8000XP from distinguishing itself from competing bargain portable DVD players.

By Oct. 9, 2007

2.5 stars Editor's rating Oct. 9, 2007

MSRP: $189.99


Audiovox D8000IP - DVD player

The Audiovox D8000IP does a decent job of combining DVD and video iPod playback, but other portable combo players offer a better mix of features.

By Sep. 26, 2007

2.5 stars Editor's rating Sep. 26, 2007

MSRP: $199.99


Audiovox Android Headrest System prototype

At CES 2011, Audiovox embeds Android OS into a headrest monitor, enabling backseat web browsing and media streaming.

By Jan. 6, 2011


Audiovox Xpress plug-and-play XM Radio home kit

The Audiovox XM Xpress offers a decent starting point for newbies who want to try out XM satellite radio; it's basic, inexpensive, and easy to use.

By May. 1, 2007

3 stars Editor's rating May. 1, 2007