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Dropbox acquires music streaming service Audiogalaxy

The service will be shut down in an apparent "acqui-hire," suggesting that the file-sharing specialist Dropbox may be getting ready to tune up a music streaming service.

By December 12, 2012


How to stream your music collection to any Web-enabled device

If you've got a sizable music collection at home or at work, the odds are that you've wanted access to it elsewhere. Syncing MP3 players can be a hassle, and few can handle the storage requirements for a big library. Audiogalaxy is a free service that can stream your music from your library to any Web-enabled device. Here's how to use it.

By June 2, 2011


Audiogalaxy founder tries new P2P venture

Former file-swapping champion now has eyes on small-business tools.

By July 26, 2004


Audiogalaxy swaps music services

The one-time file-swapping powerhouse, hobbled by a legal settlement with record labels, launches a legal music offer in place of its old download service.

By September 9, 2002


Audiogalaxy to ask first, trade later

An out-of-court settlement requires the free file-swapping service to obtain consent before using copyrighted works, bringing the site to a standstill.

June 18, 2002


New & Noteworthy: dvMatte; Audiogalaxy settlement;

New & Noteworthy: dvMatte; Audiogalaxy settlement;

By June 18, 2002


Audiogalaxy in RIAA crosshairs

The recording industry's trade group files a lawsuit against the music download site, charging that its efforts to filter access to copyrighted songs have been ineffective.

By May 24, 2002


Audiogalaxy offers paid service

Audiogalaxy, one of the most popular music file-swapping software programs online, has introduced a subscription offer it says will offer better service. For $2.95 a month, people who subscribe to Audiogalaxy's "Gold" service will have a special set of servers reserved for their use and will not have advertisements fed to their software client. This won't guarantee faster file downloads, because the speed of most of the files traded depends on the individual computers and Net connections making a peer-to-peer transfer. But it could speed up the Web pages associated with the service. Napster, once the most popular music-swapping service, is also planning to offer a paid subscription service later this year. That company's free service has been down since early July. Audiogalaxy is keeping its free service in operation for now.

By September 12, 2001


Gator security flaw found

Gator, a popular application that fills in Web site passwords and forms, contains a security flaw that puts users' computer files at risk, security experts said. According to a security warning issued this week from Eyeonsecurity.com, the ActiveX plug-in used to download Gator can be manipulated by a malicious programmer to install back-door software, including a Trojan horse virus. The Redwood City, Calif.-based company said it became aware of the security vulnerability this morning and that it plans to issue a patch on its Web site late Friday. Gator, which has been downloaded by more than 10 million people, runs in the backdrop of a Web browser and is often bundled with popular file-sharing programs such as AudioGalaxy. The free software is supported by advertising revenue from its own bundled program, OfferCompanion, which delivers promotions to browsers as consumers surf the Web.

By February 22, 2002


Napster rival finds file-trading converts

Despite a music industry crackdown, file swapping is alive and well on alternative services such as Audiogalaxy that have so far avoided open confrontation with record label lawyers.

June 14, 2001