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attorney-client privilege


Forget being a victim. What to do when revenge porn strikes

The Internet is a terrible place sometimes, but thankfully there are now organizations that can help people who become victims.

By May 13, 2015


Texas AG slaps Google with suit over withheld documents

The antitrust investigation filed against the Web giant by the state of Texas two years ago is compounded by a new civil lawsuit alleging Google refuses to handover "privileged" documents.

By June 21, 2012


Man suing for half of Facebook loses lawyer

Paul Ceglia, who claims he is entitled to 50 percent ownership in Facebook, loses his high-power legal representation at a critical juncture in the case.

By June 28, 2011


Strange turn in dancing baby vs. Prince case

Mother who posted video to YouTube of her children dancing to Prince song and later sued Universal Music for trying to remove it is accused of violating court order, loses attorney-client privileges.

By February 14, 2011


Did EFF lawyer cross line in LimeWire case?

Federal court judge suggests that one of the most respected attorneys from the technology sector advised LimeWire execs to destroy evidence.

By May 18, 2010


Journalist shield law may not halt iPhone probe

Federal and state laws limiting newsroom searches are unlikely to help Gizmodo's editors, if they're the target of a criminal investigation regarding a prototype iPhone.

By April 27, 2010


Google backs Yahoo in privacy fight with DOJ

In court fight against Justice Department, Yahoo finds ally in Google and privacy groups, who say police need warrant to read private e-mail.

By April 13, 2010


Security guide to customs-proofing your laptop

News.com offers a handy color-coded threat level system for protecting your data at international border crossings from snoopy customs agents.

By March 13, 2008


Police Blotter: Verizon forced to turn over text messages

Justice Department gets judge's approval to obtain archived SMS text messages from wireless carrier without first obtaining a warrant.

By December 5, 2007


The new e-discovery burden

Rather than streamline and limit litigation, a rule change adds a new financial burden, Internet attorney Eric J. Sinrod says.

October 17, 2007