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Zune phone pops up in software update, iPod sales are down.

This week, we discuss Apple's reported decline in iPod sales--not to be confused with the company's overall sales, which are continue to be through the roof. Also, some code in the Zune Software update has people speculating about a potential Zune phone, and a new music format might be on the horizon (which we think will have just about as much traction as Sony's proprietary ATRAC codec). Finally, we confront stylish headphones' lack of good sound, and let some listeners of questionable sobriety take over the airwaves.

By January 26, 2010


End of the line for Sony's Atrac?

Sony Connect will stop selling music by March 2008, suggesting the end of the line for the company's Atrac format.

By August 30, 2007


Hands-on with Sony's NW-A815

We get our hands dirty with Sony's new ATRAC-less, SonicStage-less, lovely metallic audio and video player, the Walkman NW-A815 -- also available as the NW-A816 and A818 in different sizes

By October 1, 2007