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Atlas Micro PS 5000

Awesome performance and features delivered at a rock-bottom price. Heartily recommended.

By Oct. 24, 2000

4.5 stars Editor's rating Oct. 24, 2000

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Caterina Fake's Findery launches to be your living atlas

The celebrated entrepreneur is trying to make the world more human one place at a time.

By Mar. 6, 2014


Domo arigato, Mr Atlas

By Jul. 11, 2013


Google Maps Gallery debuts as Web's interactive digital atlas

The tech giant partners with governments and organizations to publish hundreds of historic and informative maps that anyone can explore.

By Feb. 27, 2014


Be afraid: DARPA unveils Terminator-like Atlas robot

Atlas looks like the prototype for a future robot infantryman, and it can tackle rough terrain and carry human tools. Can you say "Skynet"?

By Jul. 11, 2013


Facebook snags Microsoft's Atlas to boost ad sales

The deal gives the social-networking giant a tool to use the information gleaned from its users to serve up more relevant ads.

By Feb. 28, 2013


Facebook set to close deal for Microsoft's Atlas tomorrow?

The social-networking company, which has been negotiating with Microsoft for the last few months to acquire the online advertising platform, will likely seal the deal tomorrow, AdAge reports.

By Feb. 27, 2013


Ford's Atlas Concept looks rough and ready

Unveiling their vision of the future for the F-series trucks, Ford rolled out their new Atlas concept at the 2013 Detroit Motor Show.

By Jan. 18, 2013


Ford Atlas Concept looks ready for the road (pictures)

Ford unveiled its vision for the next F-Series pickup, which makes use of some interesting fuel-saver technologies.

16 Images By Jan. 15, 2013