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Toshiba AT200

Apr. 20, 2012


Toshiba AT200 Android tablet brings a sexy back

The Toshiba AT200 Android tablet looks rather good and may just change your life.

By Sep. 1, 2011


Toshiba shrinks the AT200 tablet, adds quad-core, ICS

The AT200 is getting a follow-up at Mobile World Congress, and it's smaller and faster. What's not to like?

By Feb. 28, 2012


Toshiba shows thinnest and lightest tablet and laptop at CES

Toshiba is prepping the world's thinnest and lightest tablet and laptop for CES, and that's just the tip of its technological iceberg.

By Jan. 7, 2012


Toshiba AT300 tablet is quad-core, same price as iPad 2

Toshiba is bringing a new tablet to the UK. The AT300 looks good on paper, but does it even stand a chance?

By May. 24, 2012


Toshiba tries anew with 10.1-inch Android tablet

Toshiba says the Honeycomb-based AT200 is thinner and lighter than comparably sized tablets--which is part of the pitch to help it get a foothold in the market in the fourth quarter.

By Sep. 1, 2011


Toshiba Excite Android tablet coming in January

Due to be released in January, Toshiba's new 10-inch Android Honeycomb tablet will join the Thrive in the company's lineup of Android devices.

By Dec. 9, 2011


Toshiba ultra-thin AT700 tablet wows Ceatec crowds

Toshiba's 10.1-inch AT700 Regza tablet is 0.3 inches thick and weighs 1.23 pounds. For now, it's only destined for Japan.

By Oct. 5, 2011


Buzz Out Loud 1544: Of lost iPhones and shrimp ceviche (Podcast)

Apple, evidently, has a lot of employees with drinking problems, and it keeps letting those employees take iPhone prototypes out of the building. Really? Wow, dudes. Also, T-Mobile tries to pump up its employees over the merger situation, you can finally legally play Doom in Germany, tablet makers try everything but the easy solution, and China is going to kill us all. Or give us $99 tablets, hard to say. And Buzz Out Loud is getting out of the daily deals business.

By Sep. 1, 2011


Can Samsung or Sony beat the iPad, or will Amazon get there first?

Can anything beat the iPad? New contenders emerged at IFA this week, but will Amazon's effort have the best chance of besting Apple?

By Sep. 2, 2011