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AT&T uses small cells to improve service in Disney parks

AT&T will soon show off how small cell technology can improve network capacity and coverage in Walt Disney theme parks.

By July 23, 2013


Baseball tech keeps fans and players connected

Fans take their smartphone out to the ballgame to watch instant replays and share photos. AT&T Park in San Francisco has rolled out EchoBOT technology alongside the existing Wi-Fi to ensure the cellular network is performing at its peak.

By June 25, 2015


How AT&T Park hooks up your phone during game time (pictures)

The guts of San Francisco's baseball stadium reveal how AT&T has data-hungry fans in mind.

11 Images By August 17, 2012


Time Warner Cable, Cablevision light up NYC parks with Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi hotspots are part of a partnership between the cable companies and New York City that includes a $10 million investment fund for Wi-Fi deployment in parks and public spaces.

By July 16, 2013


Hold on to your bricks: Jurassic Park Lego needs visitors

A designer disrupts the Lego world with a top-notch design for a "Jurassic Park" set, including the giant entrance gate, a T-Rex, and more. Now, he just needs votes to get Lego to take it seriously.

By August 29, 2013


Animatronic T. rex costume looks like it could eat you

Recreate your favorite scenes from "Jurassic Park" on a slightly smaller scale with an awesome and realistic baby T. rex costume.

By October 2, 2012


iPhone Stampede

Get your $97 iPhone 3GS at Wal-Mart while you can. The new one is just around the corner, and you'll probably find a prototype lying on a park bench anyway. Plus: Facebook's privacy changes explained.

By May 27, 2010


Short Take: AT&T signs group for IP telephony testing

AT&T signed on 10 companies which will use its labs to test the compatibility of IP telephony technologies. IP telephony allows users to make phone calls over the Internet. The AT&T Global IP Telephony Interoperability Labs are located in Florham Park, New Jersey, and San Jose, California. Companies participating in the tests include Clarent, Delta Three, Ericsson, GRIC Communications, Lucent Technologies, Siemens, 3Com, @Home, and VocalTec.

February 18, 1999