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Verizon, MCI to link up in $6.7 billion deal

Valentine's Day betrothal will give regional titan Verizon access to MCI's worldwide long-distance and IP networks.

By February 14, 2005


SBC broadens broadband numbers

The company adds a record number of new DSL subscribers, but analysts say cable's dominance remains undiminished.

By April 21, 2004


AT&T expands DSL presence

The company introduces digital subscriber line services in three more states as part of its ongoing effort to offer broadband to more customers.

By November 18, 2003


AT&T restructure calls for cuts

Ma Bell says it will record a restructuring charge of around $240 million in the fourth quarter as it eliminates roughly 3,500 jobs.

By January 6, 2003


Find a wireless friend--for a fee

Carriers are scrambling to meet federal deadlines to make it possible to locate cell phones used to dial 911. Sprint PCS will likely be the next to do so.

By June 24, 2002


Cingular Wireless ordered to pay FCC

The company signs an agreement with federal regulators to pay $100,000 for missing the deadline to begin building a system that lets police locate cell phone users making 911 calls.

By May 16, 2002


Dashed hopes for dashboard electronics

Dealers aren't interested, consumers don't understand it, and carmakers' efforts have fizzled. In-vehicle computing: A smooth road ahead or just a dead end?

May 16, 2002