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The long road to a billion users

Windows got there, and Facebook did it faster. Asymco analyst Horace Dediu handicaps the high-tech aspirants to the truly high-volume threshold.

By January 16, 2013


Apple, Samsung put hammerlock on smartphone profits

The iPhone maker has captured almost three-quarters of all profits, leaving Samsung with a quarter and little for anyone else, says Asymco analyst Horace Dediu.

By May 4, 2012


iPhone soaks up 75 percent of all mobile phone profits

Apple holds only a 9 percent share of the global mobile phone market, but it grabbed 75 percent of the industry's overall profits last quarter, according to data from Asymco.

By February 6, 2012


Apple Store workers bring in $278 per hour apiece

As Apple launches its new Grand Central Terminal store today, how much in sales does the average Apple Store employee actually account for? Asymco has an answer.

By December 9, 2011


Apple could sell 280 million iOS devices next year, claims analyst

Based on numbers for supply, demand, and customer loyalty, Apple could sell 280 million iPhones, iPads, and other iOS devices in 2012, forecasts research firm Asymco.

By November 29, 2011


Report: iTunes costs Apple $1.3 billion a year to run

In an analysis, market research firm Asymco estimates that it costs Apple $1.3 billion a year to maintain iTunes and the App Store.

By June 14, 2011