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AST co-founder seeks room inside the PC

Safi Qureshey's Quartics aims to create a new type of processor for Netbooks that would augment the CPU and graphics chip for handling things like Flash movies and video conferencing.

By November 11, 2008


Alagem returns to revive Samsung's AST

Licensing rights to a downcast subsidiary, the former Packard Bell NEC chief will rely heavily on the Net to conduct operations of the newly formed AST Computers.

January 11, 1999


AST joins notebook price trend

The second price cut from a major vendor this week could spell the beginning of a battle in the portable arena.

By January 20, 1998


AST fails to keep pace

As its fortunes flag, AST's brand name fades, leaving only a shadow of the high-flying PC vendor it was in the late '80s and early '90s.

December 3, 1997


AST: New strategy, fewer jobs

The struggling computer maker plans to reorganize its worldwide operations in an effort to refocus and become more flexible in the PC market.

December 3, 1997


AST plans to lay off 37%

Struggling computer maker AST plans to announce that it is adopting a new corporate strategy and cutting more than a third of its workforce.

By December 2, 1997


AST servers come with 300-MHz Pentium II

The Premium HS server line incorporates the latest PC server technology, including "hot-pluggable" hard drive subsystems.

By October 16, 1997


AST uses Intel RISC chip

An Intel RISC processor and the server's I2O architecture provide the framework for speeding up data transfers in Web servers.

By October 2, 1997


Short Take: AST, Samsung merger compete

AST Research announced that all necessary approvals have been received for completion of its merger with Samsung Electronics. The company expects to complete the merger on or about August 25.

August 4, 1997


Short Take: Samsung to buy remaining AST shares

Samsung Electronics has extended its cash tender offer to acquire all the outstanding shares of AST Research it does not currently own for $5.40 per share.

By July 2, 1997