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Southeast Asia e-tailer Lazada raises $100M in funding

Online retailer, which bills itself as the "Amazon of Southeast Asia," hopes to tap a market where online shopping has yet to gain traction.

By Jun. 19, 2013


Will Nadella appointment weigh on debate over tech visas?

In what some might call an advertisement for the classic story of an immigrant pursuing the American dream, Redmond's new boss, Satya Nadella, was born in Hyderabad, India. Now he's running Microsoft.

By Feb. 6, 2014


The 404 1,331: Where Oxford defines a generation (podcast)

The Oxford dictionary adds a bunch of words only teenagers use, Nintendo takes a big step back withe the 2DS, underwater fiber-optic tubes, Spawn remakes, and breaking down popular porn search terms by state!

By Aug. 28, 2013


Nielsen: U.S. smartphone ownership higher among minorities

Among smartphone owners in the U.S., Hispanics and Asians are at the top of the list, as Android surges, the BlackBerry sinks, and the iPhone holds steady.

By Feb. 1, 2011


The 404 1,096: Where we try this again (podcast)

Tricaster troubles keep us from showing a video today, so we're going back to our podcasting roots with an audio-only episode. Bear with us while we troubleshoot and release our frustrations on the technology scams like an Xbox 360 Elite HDMI cable that believes it can protect against viruses.

By Jul. 26, 2012


The 404 1,084: Where we get our dates right (podcast)

On today's show, the 404 guys round up all the breaking news from day one at Google I/O including the Nexus 7, Android Jelly Bean, and Google Glax. We'll also address yesterday's Back to the Future hoax, learn how the major media confirms celebrity deaths, and discover the link between food porn and weight gain!

By Jun. 28, 2012


Minority entrepreneurs set up own Valley incubator

A group of black entrepreneurs aims to turn around stats showing how underrepresented minorities are in tech through its New Media accelerator program.

By Aug. 9, 2011


The 404 713: Where we're ready to believe you (podcast)

Mark Licea fills in for Wilson today for our typical Friday stories--Asians, vacations, video games, Apple, Kool-Aid, and paper airplanes just a few things you can expect to hear on today's show!

By Nov. 19, 2010


The 404 242: Where we turn the show into an unnecessary musical

Luckily for us, the Intern Formerly Known as Mark (IFKM is a bad acronym) saves the day, helping us scrutinize stories like Microsoft entering the T-shirt market, the 'Knight Rider' show cancellation, and the first Vietnamese House Representative.

By Dec. 8, 2008


The 404 554: Where Justin and Wilson take a trip to the Jersey Shore (podcast)

Jack White hates video games, MTV's Asian-American Jersey Shore, and the eight most irritating types of gadgeteers!

By Apr. 7, 2010