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Catch a flick on your sunglasses

Thanko's All In One glasses are capable of reading MP3 and WMA audio formats, and playing video formats MP4, MPG, AVI, and ASF.

By September 15, 2008


Apache foundation threatens to quit Java steering group

Apache Software Foundation says it will pull out of the Java Community Process unless Oracle allows the certification of the Apache Harmony project.

By November 11, 2010


iPhone 6 could have sapphire screen as Apple opens plant

Apple has signalled that sapphire is the future of the iPhone, signing a deal to open a huge new plant in Arizona to make the precious stuff.

By November 5, 2013

Editors' Take

Mophie Space Pack

Does a battery pack case plus extra flash storage sound too good to be true? The Mophie Space Pack might be one of the best iPhone accessories ever seen.

March 7, 2014

MSRP: $149.95


Apache foundation quits 'proprietary' Java process

Saying the platform is completely under Oracle's control, the Apache Software Foundation resigns from the Java Community Process Executive Committee.

By December 10, 2010


What makes a good open-source foundation?

Linux Foundation, Eclipse, and Mozilla, among others, do effective advocacy and development work, while others stumble and fall. What separates a good foundation from a bad one?

By February 9, 2009


iRiver T7 Stix and L Player: UK launch and prices confirmed

We've got some hot-off-the-press news for you MP3 player lovers: iRiver's T7 Stix and L Player are less than a month away and we've got all the deets on these exciting new efforts from Korea

By June 2, 2008


Yahoo! ups its financial commitment to Apache. Can we get more code with that?

Yahoo! is giving a lot of money to Apache. It would be great if it would also give more code.

By December 16, 2007


Viewsonic puts 1080p in your pocket

The Viewsonic MovieBook VPD550T portable video player promises 1080p HD video output over an integrated HDMI output.

By January 20, 2010


Iriver's feature-packed and ultracompact E50 MP3 player

The Iriver E50 may not be the most exciting thing to come out of CES 2009, but it's a feature-packed MP3 player that comes in an ultracompact package--and that has to count for something.

By January 9, 2009