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Ascent Solar Blanket (pictures)

Currently in development for military use, this all in one system is positioned to become the best solar portable charging option available.

7 Images By January 8, 2015


Vertu's latest 'Ascent' descends on stores

New luxury handset goes for about $6,628.

By October 2, 2007


Google finally sued by makers of Finally Fast

Another lawsuit is pending over advertisers that bid on keywords involving trademarks they don't own, while also alleging Google has unfairly manipulated search results.

By July 2, 2009


Systemax Ascent 64

The Systemax Ascent 64 is a strong budget performer that will ably serve both home and small business users, but a dollop more memory would go a long way.

By April 8, 2004

3.5 stars Editors' rating April 8, 2004

The manufacturer sells this product directly from its Web site, where you can find configuration and pricing information.


Adobe Systems continues steady ascent

September 18, 2000


Adobe Systems continues steady ascent

September 18, 2000


Pink slips greet post-vacation techies

The vacation pink slip has emerged as one of the summer's biggest trends, as the industry's mounting layoffs taint technology workers' summer memories.

September 3, 2001


Nasdaq continues ascent as Dow sees red

The tech-heavy Nasdaq climbs higher in afternoon trading following a hard hit yesterday, while the Dow continues to sink.

April 20, 1999