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Dropbox features show up in Yahoo Mail, Asana, and more

Dropbox wants to replace your hard drive, and its first step is making it easier to find and save files without touching your file system.

By July 11, 2013


Asana looks to cut down the noise in your in-box

The task-management company has unveiled a new feature called Inbox that's designed to show users only important e-mails.

By June 27, 2012


KitTea cat cafe welcomes feline friends

Cat fanciers will soon be able to share that purrfect cup of tea with cat companions at a new cafe coming to San Francisco. Pass the milk, Fluffy.

By January 23, 2014


Dropbox aims to replace the hard drive altogether

With Dropbox Platform, announced at its first developer conference Tuesday, the company continues the build-out of its own cloud ecosystem.

By July 9, 2013


Co-founder Moskovitz holds 7.24 percent stake in Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg's Harvard roomie still owns a nice chunk of the social network he helped create.

By February 14, 2013


Salesforce.com's Benioff: Tech is not the 'Hunger Games'

Which, of course, doesn't mean that CEO Marc Benioff wouldn't like to make life miserable for his rivals like Box and Asana.

By September 11, 2012


Facebook co-founder Moskovitz unloads $9M in stock

Dustin Moskovitz has trimmed his holdings, though he's still sitting on a pile of stock worth billions.

By August 22, 2012


Facebook's IPO filing: Top 10 surprises

There was a flood of facts, figures, and other details that came out of Facebook's IPO filing. Here's what you should focus on.

By February 2, 2012


Start-up Asana promises workplace nirvana

Heavy on vision but light on the details, new workplace apps company emerges from Facebook tech talents.

By November 24, 2009


Microsoft Research gives photo help, for a price

Redmond's research arm has a new tool for creating photo collages, but unlike past products from the labs, consumers have to pay for AutoCollage.

By September 4, 2008