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Halo 5 update removes Arena Breakout from Team Arena playlist

The decision was made in part because of fan feedback.

By February 4, 2016


Possibly the best way to listen to music: First listen to silence

Use silence to give your ears and brain a rest, and your music might sound better.

By January 30, 2016


PSA: Halo 5 free update arrives with new maps, weapons, and more

New maps for Arena and Warzone, as well as Halo 2-era Battle Rifle and Achilles armor set, now available.

By January 25, 2016


Real-life Legend of Zelda shield could withstand a medieval battle

"Man at Arms: Reforged" tackles Link's Hylian Shield and creates a masterpiece fit for a medieval armory.

By March 23, 2015


'World of Warcraft' opens its Armory

Blizzard has recently added a section to its official European site that lets you examine every World of Warcraft character on every server in the continent

By March 2, 2007


Wii need guns. Lots of guns.

Brooklyn-based CTA has a virtual armory of Wii gun accessories.

By January 8, 2008


Microsoft: SQL Server licensing to win Oracle customers

Company says licensing is weak spot in Oracle's armory, and it hopes to use it to woo database customers to SQL Server 2008.

By November 15, 2007


At Kink.com, a live tool against piracy

Big outfits like Viacom may make the most noise about copyright violations, but porn sites are using tech to protect their property. Photos: Old armory home to new take on industry

By March 30, 2007


Lucent gobbles up VoIP company

The buy, which will cost Lucent $295 million, is designed to boost the company's voice over Internet Protocol armory.

May 24, 2004