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Bow down to the King of the Hammers

If you've never heard of King of the Hammers, we've got your primer right here. Read up on the week's events and be ready to enjoy the Hammers January 31-February 5.

By January 29, 2016


Gaudy 200-year-old pistol hides a beautiful secret

A masterpiece of delicate mechanical design lies inside a pistol covered in jewels and gold filigree. The surprise will make your heart sing.

By January 26, 2016


Virtual reality let me paint in space, and it was pure magic

At the Sundance Film Festival, CNET's Richard Trenholm tries out a stunning new tool from Oculus that lets you draw fantastical creations in the air just by waving your hands.

By January 26, 2016


Brighten your batcave with Rainbow Batman figures

Why should the criminals of Gotham get all the colorful costumes? Now you can have the Caped Crusader in pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

By January 14, 2016


ARM's Q1 revenue jumps on mobile strength

The results from the chip architecture designer -- with sales up 26 percent to 28 percent, depending on the currency -- are a big contrast with chief rival Intel, which is being hurt by the weak PC market.

By April 23, 2013


Surface to arrive with Windows 8 on 10/26, says Microsoft

Microsoft's Surface tablet will land on the same date as Windows 8. A lot is riding on Windows 8 and Surface, as Microsoft makes clear in its annual report.

By July 29, 2012


One Direction music toothbrush: Boy band insanity in your mouth

Arm & Hammer harnesses the power of bone-conduction technology to deliver boy-band pop music into your mind through your teeth.

By February 18, 2013


EU investigating Microsoft over Windows 8 browser shut-out

The launch of Windows 8 is set for October 26, but the EU is concerned that the upcoming OS may unfairly disadvantage rival browser makers.

By July 19, 2012


PlanetOut gets new investors

Bill Gates' investment arm is among those investing $26 million to help prop up the struggling publisher for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender market.

By July 3, 2007


Military drafts SGI for $26 million deal

The maker of high-end systems gets a shot in the arm by winning a multimillion-dollar contract to supply computing machines, software and services to the U.S. Defense Department.

By February 18, 2003