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Armed to the teeth: Woman taken to hospital with shark attached to arm

A young witness says a group of swimmers were harassing the shark before it clamped down on one of them.

By May 16, 2016


Lincoln's Continental can tell when you're walking up, will greet you with open 'arms'

The car's Approach Detection system is all about making the owner feel welcome, using technology that's not necessarily brand spanking new.

By April 27, 2016


CoWatch keeps Amazon Alexa Voice Service at arm's length

This crowdfunded smartwatch works with Android or iOS, but uses Amazon's cloud-based voice service to do anything from play music to control connected devices to call a cab.

By April 26, 2016


ARM sold, Pokemadness and 'Star Trek Beyond' reviewed (CNET UK podcast 490 show notes)

Is the sale of tech giant ARM to Japan's SoftBank a sign that Britain's open for business, or flogging the family silver? Plus spoiler-free thoughts on the new Trek movie, and much more.

By July 22, 2016


SoftBank to grab chip designer ARM for $32 billion

ARM will continue to expand and to design chips for the phones you buy. SoftBank, meanwhile, is training its gaze on the internet of things.

By July 18, 2016


Chip designer ARM to be acquired by Softbank for $32 billion

You might not know ARM by name, but its technology powers the majority of smartphones. Now, ARM will become a subsidiary of a huge telecom company.

By July 18, 2016


Pokemon Go players targeted in series of armed robberies, police say

Technically Incorrect: Police in O'Fallon, Missouri, warn players of the augmented-reality game to be very careful.

By July 10, 2016


5G gets a shot in the arm from the FCC

Chairman Tom Wheeler wants to make sure the US stays No. 1 in wireless. He's got a plan to free up additional spectrum for 5G wireless technology.

By June 20, 2016


Wearing a Deus Ex-inspired bionic arm is the future of prosthetics

The futuristic world of Deus Ex could soon be a reality after the game's creators announced a project with Razer and Open Bionics to create a prosthetic arm based on the world of the game.

By June 9, 2016


Obama the Arm Wrestler? Exploring Taipei's underground tech and toy scene

Before Computex kicks off in Taipei, we go underground to find the weird toys and tech accessories on offer below the city's busy streets.

By May 29, 2016