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IP Locator

Get detailed information about IP addresses.

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Analyze ZoneAlarm information on hackers' intrusions into your system.

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ARIN, Inc.

Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc. is the first and only Affiliate association of counselors helping to restore lives and relationships after...



Help Arin get the coveted Style Editor position.

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Alida demo

Explore a mysterious island theme park in this graphically lush 3D adventure.

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With My Little One

With My Little One is designed for busy parents to stay connected with their children in preschools. Teachers by using this app will take photos of...


Ultimate Facts

As we tend to live day to day, the little things come to be unnoticed. Here is an App that brings all those things together. Every week there will...


Secure Notebook (OS X)

Trace your stolen notebook.

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View information about IP addresses without connecting any external server.

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WhoIs Lookup Multiple Addresses Software

Query multiple addresses to find owner information.

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Scarcity triggers new restrictions on obtaining Internet addresses

The US and Canada are down to their last 16.7 million Net addresses with today's IPv4 Internet technology. Scarcity is pushing Internet service providers to the next-gen IPv6.

By April 23, 2014


U.N. proposal renews concerns of Internet power grab

Leaked document from U.N. agency shows it wants more involvement in "Internet-related technical, development and public policy issues." One critic says idea could have "deleterious effects" on the freedom of speech.

By December 11, 2012


FBI, DEA warn IPv6 could shield criminals from police

The FBI, DEA, and Royal Canadian Mounted Police say IPv6 may erode their ability to trace Internet addresses -- and warn new laws may be necessary if industry doesn't do more.

By June 15, 2012


A business guide to the IPv6 transition

commentary Analysts at the Berkeley Research Group offer a blueprint for managing your company through the shift.

By June 6, 2012


Internet powers flip the IPv6 switch (FAQ)

The time for testing is over as Facebook, Cisco, Comcast, and others will soon permanently enable next-generation Internet technology with vastly more elbow room. What's it all mean?

By June 4, 2012


IPv6: Come on in, the water's fine

A 24-hour test last week of a next-generation Internet went well. That could help IPv6 adoption more than the scarier reality that the world is running out of IPv4 addresses.

By June 14, 2011


IPv6 Day: Kicking the tires of a next-gen Net today

Dozens of companies are testing an Internet overhaul. A small fraction of Net users will have problems--but no one said upgrading the Internet would be easy.

By June 7, 2011


Moving to IPv6: Now for the hard part (FAQ)

Today, the last current-generation Internet addresses were divvied up at the highest level. Here's a look at what happens next in rebuilding the Net with the newer IPv6.

By February 3, 2011


IPv4 Internet addresses: 251 blocks down, 5 to go

A total of 33.6 million addresses are on their way to their ultimate users on the Net--meaning the last blocks of IPv4 addresses will be allocated soon. IPv6, hurry up, would ya?

By February 1, 2011


IPv4 Net addresses now 95 percent used up

In January, 90 percent of Internet addresses were used up. Now that figure stands at 95 percent. Those in charge urge an orderly move to the roomier IPv6 realm.

By October 18, 2010