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Nvidia launches midrange GPUs with Maxwell architecture

The chipmaker's Maxwell graphics architecture is twice as energy-efficient and 50 percent faster than its predecessor, Kepler.

By February 18, 2014


CNET's Melbourne photo walk: architecture how-to

Learn how to take stunning architecture photos with award-winning photographer Rocco Ancora, as he leads the CNET photo walk in Melbourne.

14 Images By September 19, 2013


How to take better architectural photos

September 19, 2013


'Nightvision' shows Europe's spectacular architecture after dark

A short film provides a breathtaking moving timelapse starring some of the finest buildings in Europe. It's safe to say you won't regret watching this visually stunning video.

By August 10, 2013


IBM unveils computing architecture based on the brain

Company says its breakthrough could allow for a next generation of applications that mirror the brain's efficiency in perception, cognition, and action.

By August 7, 2013


At Frank Lloyd Wright's home, a lab for world-class architecture

Visitors to the Oak Park, Ill., Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio are in for a treat: A look at the place where the famed architect tried out some of the early innovations that would make him famous. CNET Road Trip 2013 takes a behind-the-scenes tour.

By July 2, 2013


Inside Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture lab (pictures)

In the tony Chicago suburb of Oak Park, the man who became the most famous architect in the world tried out many of the ideas and innovations that led to his iconic buildings. CNET Road Trip 2013 takes a behind-the-scenes tour.

28 Images By July 2, 2013


Architectural monsters from found photographs

Artist Jim Kazanjian creates intricately labyrinthine architectural marvels — all from photographs found on the web.

6 Images By February 4, 2013


So long, Ninja: Nvidia rebrands Tegra 3 architecture '4-Plus-1'

The company says its ending its use of different names for the Tegra 3's architecture of four high-performance cores and one low-performance core.

By February 23, 2012


At Burning Man, architecture is art

In his new book "Black Rock City, NV: The Ephemeral Architecture of Burning Man," photographer Philippe Glade shows just how stylish--and functional--many of the attendee-created structures at the annual arts event can be.

By December 10, 2011