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Sony's Xperia M2 Aqua adds waterproof features

Following in the footsteps of the Z1 family and coming later this year, the Xperia M2 Aqua has a waterproof skin.

By August 19, 2014


Nintendo phases out Aqua Blue 3DS

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, and good night to one of the original Nintendo 3DS color variations.

By May 11, 2012


Volkswagen Aqua all-terrain concept hovercar designed by Chinese graduate

A concept vehicle capable of crossing almost any terrain has been dreamed up by Chinese graduate Zhang Yuhan as part of a VW-backed competition.

5 Images By June 15, 2011


Bandai's 'Aqua Dance' holds water

Gizmo claims to utilize nanotech coating that imbues water droplets with mercury-like qualities.

By February 25, 2009


CyberDefender raffles off 'Aqua Teen' LED

At this week's RSA Conference in San Francisco, the software company CyberDefender is giving away one of the infamous signs of Ignignokt that sent Bostonians into a panic.

By February 6, 2007


Aqua Pulse measures heart rate in the pool

Aqua Pulse is a waterproof heart monitor that relies on bone conduction technology to transmit sound vibrations via the temple bone to the inner ear.

By April 22, 2009


SlingPlayer for Mac gets an Aqua makeover

Sling Media has delivered an updated SlingPlayer beta for Macs that offers a more Apple-friendly look and feel.

By April 30, 2007


Samsung's Galaxy S4 Active makes waves

Just how good is the smartphone's underwater Aqua mode? We plan a pool party to find out.

By July 17, 2013