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User interface guru Larry Tesler appraises iOS 7

Former Apple chief scientist Larry Tesler and user interface head at Amazon and Yahoo likes the latest version of iOS despite some annoying issues, such as the wiggle mode.

By September 26, 2013


Catalog your vinyl collection online

Learn how to quickly catalog, appraise, and sell your records online using a free site called Discogs.

By June 7, 2012


How to catalog your vinyl collection online

Learn how to catalog, appraise, and sell your records for free using Discogs.com

By April 20, 2012


eBay sees worth in appraisal service

Although its last online appraisal partner shut down, the big auction site signs a new deal--even though demand for the services in general has been limited.

May 1, 2002


Online appraisal company closes shop

Chicago-based Eppraisals.com--which signed a deal in March to promote its services on auction leader eBay--has shut down, according to a message on the company's Web site.

June 8, 2001


Yahoo to offer online appraisals on auction site

The portal giant announces that it is teaming up with Eppraisals.com to offer online appraisals for its auction sellers.

July 10, 2000


AuctionWatch to launch online appraisal service

In an announcement to be made tomorrow, the company will offer to value items for $19.95, with the help of several appraisers who formerly worked for eBay and Butterfield & Butterfield.

December 7, 1999


eBay inks deal with Eppraisals.com

eBay signed a deal with Chicago-based Eppraisals.com to offer appraisal services to the auction giant's members. Eppraisals will provide potential bidders an assessment of items listed on eBay and will appraise merchandise for sellers interested in listing items on eBay. Eppraisals will charge between $10 and $20 for its services, which will debut on eBay on Monday. Eppraisals teamed up with Yahoo last year to offer appraisal services to Yahoo's auction members. But that deal expired last month. Eppraisals and eBay executives declined to give details on the length or financial arrangements of their agreement.

March 2, 2001