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User interface guru Larry Tesler appraises iOS 7

Former Apple chief scientist Larry Tesler and user interface head at Amazon and Yahoo likes the latest version of iOS despite some annoying issues, such as the wiggle mode.

By September 26, 2013


Film trailer gives lively look at what it's like 'To be Takei'

The documentary takes an in-depth look at George Takei's personal tale and explores what led him to become the geek icon he is today.

By June 27, 2014


Snowboarder's iPhone crashes after fans swamp him with nude pics

Russian snowboarder Alexey Sobolev decides to put his phone number on his helmet. This move was not welcomed by his iPhone.

By February 9, 2014


Want a YouView box for free? Talk to TalkTalk

If you were put off by the £300 up front fee, TalkTalk has a broadband plus landline bundle that might tickle your fancy.

By July 26, 2012


Catalog your vinyl collection online

Learn how to quickly catalog, appraise, and sell your records online using a free site called Discogs.

By June 7, 2012


How to catalog your vinyl collection online

Learn how to catalog, appraise, and sell your records for free using Discogs.com

By April 20, 2012


Where to buy the iPhone 4S on October 14

If you missed the iPhone 4S preorder, visit these retailers on Friday to buy your phone in-store.

By October 13, 2011


Radio Shack launches in-store trade-in program for used gadgets

The new program offers gift cards in return for old phones, MP3 players, and game systems that still work.

By April 16, 2009


Canon M30: Storage with a screen

If you're looking for a portable storage solution that doesn't involve a fistful of memory cards and allows you to preview images on a whopping screen, the Canon M30 could be for you

By January 18, 2008


eBay sees worth in appraisal service

Although its last online appraisal partner shut down, the big auction site signs a new deal--even though demand for the services in general has been limited.

May 1, 2002