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Apple v. Samsung

The electronics titans square off in a tangled tale of mobile technology, centered on Apple's iPhone


Apple's 'iOS in the Car' technology to roll out next week, says report

Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo are aboard for the launch of the operating system, which lets drivers access various iPhone functions through a car's built-in screen, says a report.

By March 1, 2014


Apple patents location-based technology to control devices remotely

A patent describes technology that monitors your location and automatically performs home automation tasks.

By November 5, 2013


Samsung announces Isocell camera sensor technology

Samsung has revealed details concerning Isocell technology, which lets users take sharper, clearer images on their smartphones and tablets.

By September 24, 2013


Apple, Burberry show off iPhone 5S photo, video technology

Want to see how well the iPhone 5S' camera works in the wild, at a fashion show? New photos shot on the device have cropped up, including ones run through Instagram.

By September 16, 2013


Apple's technologies chief sells off $20M in stock

Apple executive Bob Mansfield has let go of more than $20 million in company stock as part of a sale yesterday.

By November 29, 2012


Apple sued over spreadsheet technology

Apple has been sued by a Texas-based company for allegedly infringing on a patent for spreadsheet technology.

By September 28, 2012


Apple hit with lawsuit over noise-canceling technology

A company called Noise Free says it showcased to Apple its noise-canceling technology, and then the iPhone maker responded by using it for its own good.

By July 10, 2012


Will Apple find publishing execs 'technologically innocent'?

Nobody in media wants to end up like the music sector and get run over by Apple, and that's why Steve Jobs is taking a big chance by adopting controversial requirements on app sales.

By February 15, 2011


Apple applies for antenna technology patent

It has been over a year since the iPhone 4 Antennagate debacle filled the pages of most tech blogs. In that time, everyone from random people on the street to Consumer Reports criticized the iPhone antenna issues, problems that a new patent application from Apple seeks to solve.

By September 1, 2011


Apple's new iPad 2 ad: Technology is not enough

In a new ad for the iPad 2, Apple offers a statement of intent wrapped in a statement of belief.

By April 2, 2011