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Apple Maps beats Google Maps in race to Apple HQ

Apple Maps is getting better, even beating Google Maps in an informal race between Silicon Valley reporters.

By March 8, 2013


Apple promises again to fix Apple Maps app

Apple has promised to fix Apple Maps, the app that's so bad at its job it's had police warning against it.

By January 24, 2013


Apple gets trademark on Apple Store design

US Patent and Trademark Office gives Apple trademarks on its retail store design and layout.

By January 29, 2013


Apple boss defends high prices, hints at Apple television

Apple boss Tim Cook has said once again that TV is an area of "intense interest", as well as defending his company's high prices.

By December 7, 2012


Apple Byte: Has Apple lost some of its magic?

New iPad Minis, iMacs, and MacBook Pro Retinas were the stars, but the iPad 4 put the big hurt on Apple loyalists.

By October 25, 2012


Apple now officially owns Beatles' Apple Corps logo

A company had opposed Apple's ownership of the logo, but the electronics giant was issued the registered trademark yesterday, according to Patently Apple.

By October 25, 2012


How to add, manage multiple Apple IDs on the same Apple TV

You can now have more than one Apple ID saved on your Apple TV. Here's how to add and manage them.

By October 1, 2012


Apple says sorry for Apple Maps, suggests Google instead

Apple boss Tim Cook has apologised for Apple Maps -- and recommended you use Google, Bing or Nokia maps apps instead.

By September 28, 2012


The 404 1,129: Where free Apple iPhone 5 free Apple iPhone 5 (podcast)

We're recapping the Apple announcements today including the taller iPhone 5, a fully updated pair of stock white earbuds, a stripped-down version of iTunes, and a colorfully redesigned iPod Nano that features a new Apple-patented technology the company is calling an "FM Tuner."

By September 12, 2012


Apple gets a patent for an Apple TV cable box

Apple TV users will be able to watch programing like Letterman and HBO, and record shows, according to the patent.

By August 14, 2012