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Novell lays off AppArmor programmers

Novell reduces AppArmor work, relying instead on the open-source community, but project leaders launch a new company for the open-source Linux security project.

By October 11, 2007


Linux exploit gets around security barrier

Security hole in the Linux kernel, which allows security features in the operating system to be bypassed, affects Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, according to a security researcher.

By July 20, 2009


Life after Novell - the rosy gets rosier

Novell employees who get RIF'd may be the happiest people of all.

By October 16, 2007


Ubuntu beta, now with flash and flashiness

Ubuntu Linux programmers have released a beta version that includes 3D desktop visual effects and an open-source version of Adobe Systems' Flash.

By October 1, 2007


Open source @ Novell: Justin Steinman speaks

Novell takes a lot of heat for its patent deal with Microsoft and rightfully so. But there is much that the company is doing to advance the cause and state of open source in the industry.

By June 29, 2007