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Self-publishing a book: 25 things you need to know

Considering self-publishing a book? CNET's David Carnoy discusses the ins and outs of what it's all about.

By June 13, 2012


Harmony universal remotes: What's the best one for you?

There are at least eight different universal remotes in Logitech's updated line of Harmony models. How do they vary, and which is best for you?

By April 29, 2012


Top 5 iPhone fitness apps

One of the top uses for an MP3 player is as a gym companion, so why not put your iPhone or iPod Touch to greater use by loading up some fitness-friendly apps that will help you get the most out of your workouts? Here are five that we love.

By January 20, 2011


Apple FaceTime: first impressions

Apple seems to have answered the prayers of its fans that were crying out for video conferencing. But on closer inspection FaceTime may fall short of expectations.

By June 7, 2010


Apple iPhone iOS 4: what's inside

Apple's operating system for mobile devices has a new name and a swag of new features. We take a closer look at some of the 1500 new features and improvements.

By June 7, 2010


Free iPhone apps to quit smoking

With the Rudd Government's new cigarette tax in place, many smokers are now thinking it might be time to kick the habit. Here's a list of free apps that might help.

By May 12, 2010


Buy Sydney Film Festival tickets with new iPhone app

A new free Sydney Film Festival iPhone app has been launched, which lets you view programs and buy tickets, with full operability set to go live on Friday with the release of the program.

By May 5, 2010


Free apps for your new tech toy

Just got a new PC or phone, but you can't decide which software apps to load up? Relax. Here's a round-up of great suggestions for getting started.

By May 3, 2010


Free iPhone pregnancy apps

There's a lot for pregnant women to remember, and pregnancy can be a busy enough time as it is without trying to remember gynaecologists' appointments and what foods and vitamins you can and can't eat.

By April 29, 2010


Free World Cup streaming for Optus users

Optus will offer live streaming of all 64 matches from the soccer World Cup free to all its 3G customers with handsets capable of handling video streaming, including the iPhone.

By April 26, 2010