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Tribal Rage demo

Pillage and destroy in this futuristic tale of an apocalyptic wasteland.

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Apocalypse Test

Do you want to know if you could survive the apocalypse? Take the apocalypse test and find out!The Apocolypse Readiness and Extended Survivability...

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Zombie Trader

11 Endings challenge you to save humanity through trade, cooking and fighting!


The baby seat with iPad attachment: Shameful or honest?

A petition is launched to have Fisher-Price's bouncy seat with built-in iPad attachment recalled. But why shouldn't we prepare our young for the future as early as possible?

By December 14, 2013


CNET Special Report: Four Horsemen of Net Apocalypse

The Internet is in danger. While it appears to the casual eye that nothing can stop its exponential growth, in fact four separate disasters are lying in wait, each of which could cause irreparable damage to a still new and vulnerable medium. Today's CNET Special Report examines those four disasters, the Four Horseman of the Net Apocolypse: Pestilence (the millennium bug), War (cyberterrorism), Famine (Internet address limitations), and Death (traffic overload).

By October 31, 1996